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Hours of Operation:

Sunday  11:30am-6pm     

Mon-Sat  11:30am-8pm 

About Us

Conveniently located in beautiful, downtown Milford steps from the train station, Brats on a Bun is an authentic German take out restaurant. With 5 different varieties of sausage and two different types of potato pancakes to choose from, we are a delicious diversion you must indulge in to appreciate.

We pride ourselves on being efficient, affordable, and convenient. Come visit us. Cafe tables are available outside

Food & Drink

The Traditional Brat is a favorite from Germany. This mildly spiced, hearty sausage is made with a pork/beef blend. Our homestyle sauerkraut and spicy mustards compliment this tasty treat.
The Smoked Brat or Krainer originates from the Southern Austrian/Slovenian region.  It offers great smoked flavor infused  with garlic.
The Spicy Brat is a French/Bayou sausage.  Also known as an "Andouille" this savory dog has distinct cajun spices.
The Chicken Brat is a poultry version of Bratwurst created right  here in the USA.
The All American Brat Dog is fat hot dog like none other.  Made with a pork/beef blend, it is a favorite for kids with big appetites. Sometimes a mere hot dog just isn't enough.
Potato Pancakes are a favorite potato dish popular all over Central and Western Europe.  In Israel, this delectable dish commonly known as a Latke is served with sour cream.  In the U.S. we love to serve them with applesauce.   
The Jalapeño Potato Pancake is a Brat on a Bun creation for our spice loving friends.
We proudly serve Foxon Park beverages, Snapple Ice Tea, and bottled water. 

Choice of Toppings

Sauerkraut, Sautéed or Raw Onions, Sautéed Peppers, Ketchup, Mustard, Salsa, Curry Sauce


35 River Street, Milford, CT | 203-693-2067| BratsOnABun@gmail.com